We are not alone!

When we first came here we brought 1 cockerel and 5 chickens and of course our dogs of which we had 3 at the time.

This Magical Isle

A Rustle in the wind reminds us a Fairy is near Author Unknown As the mornings become lighter and the damp air is saturated, the

I need to step up

I haven’t said anything much about this before but this year I think its time. Nov 2019 after going in for a routine hernia operation

When the Wind blows

Well Windy the turbine is back and looking fine again. The husband has replaced the 3 blades that were torn and bent with some spares

Meet Windy Weather Coe

The turbine (Windy) has been a family member for over 5 years and it has lived quietly in its box never complaining about the lack