Offgrid Living Ireland  from Dogs & Coe

Some Tools are fun

So this life is physical, happily more so for the hubby than myself. We divide the work nicely I think. I go off to work

Is this life for you?

OR WOULD MADNESS SURELY FOLLOW? (SEE PICTURE FOR ANSWER) The predominant question people always ask when they hear how we live is —WHY? Surely at

We are not alone!

When we first came here we brought 1 cockerel and 5 chickens and of course our dogs of which we had 3 at the time.

This Magical Isle

A Rustle in the wind reminds us a Fairy is near Author Unknown As the mornings become lighter and the damp air is saturated, the

I need to step up

I haven’t said anything much about this before but this year I think its time. Nov 2019 after going in for a routine hernia operation

From the Roots Up

To forget how to dig the earth and to tend the soil is to forget ourselves Mahatma Gandhi Backyard growing seems more important than ever


I have always loved trees. When I was a child my most beloved memories are of my Dad making the trees in the park talk.