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For love of Banana Bread

Well the weather turned bad last night as predicted but for those of us busily trying to keep the veg watered the rain was certainly welcome.

Wind however was not so welcome and wow we had some healthy gusts up on our hill I can tell you.

We woke up today to a weather warning of gales lasting all day so after a quick trip up to the polytunnel and the water trough which was finally full again we retreated back to the house to wait the storm out.

Despite the allure of a duvet day we actually enjoyed a bit of baking together – Simon has always been the main chef in the house but to date his Banana Bread has not topped mine.

Today however he has done a great job making my very favourite. We don’t put any fat in this recipe and only a very small amount of sugar as the bananas do the rest. Just eggs, oats bananas, wholemeal flour and a small amount of sugar. We also like to add some cinnamon for that spicy twist. This is so good and it fits the healthy bill in a household that tries to keep fat to a minimum due to heart problems. If you are interested the full recipe can be found on the British Heart Foundation recipe finder page.

So I feel a cuppa and a slice coming on.

In the meantime just breathe


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