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Meet Windy Weather Coe

Turbine finally in place – 600W Hornet Turbine

The turbine (Windy) has been a family member for over 5 years and it has lived quietly in its box never complaining about the lack of wind in the spare bedroom.

At least once a year we have stood outside in gale force winds and exclaimed – todays the day the turbine would be doing a great job, and then promptly moved on to other jobs.

So I am pleased to announce in 2020 Windy has finally fled his box and settled on the solar panel shed. Now the solar panels have no need to feel jealous as they will always be the main event, providing the Coe household with hours of electrical fun, but the new kid on the block – the 600W Hornet Wind Turbine is just as fantastic on the quiet and will bring that added extra during the winter winds.

The dogs of course took the solar panels side and barked constantly at the turbine for over a week. They just didn’t like it up there and when Windy did actually move and twist you would have thought we were being attacked as the decibel level of four dogs barking reached a never before ear splitting crescendo.

So what are we really getting from this new family member?

Is 600W (peak power) going to a big difference? Well we estimate that on a stormy weekend like this one we should generate around 2KW hrs from this baby.

It is perfect for keeping the energy generation going through the night whilst the wind is blowing so we always have a continual throughput of energy into the batteries. This helps improve battery life as battery storage is about chemical reactions and anything that keeps the reactions going constantly will always have a positive effect.

It is great for smaller rural locations as it is only 6 feet across and doesn’t require too large a pole to mount it on. We have used an old scaffold pole that is connected on a hinge to the shed.

You don’t have to be an electrical whizz kid to put this up. Our model is a DC model, meaning we simply had to connect the positive turbine output to the positive terminal on the battery and likewise the negative.

We checked the output using a multi meter to let us know voltage was coming through but that was all we have done at present.

We need to get an inline meter to tells us amps, voltage and peak power but haven’t decided which one to get yet, however we did buy an inline diode to make sure the power went only one way but as the turbine is a DC motor we didn’t need it. So all in all it isn’t going too bad, we know we probably haven’t constructed a tall enough pole for the turbine to clear the house line and thereby benefit from clear air but this is all experimental and so we will probably move it again in January/February when we have a better location prepped.

So welcome to Windy Coe long may the wind move you and long may you give us power.

Maybe you are thinking of having a turbine or have one already and can pass on any advice to those who need it.

In the meantime – Just Breathe


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