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A little taste of our own

What was paradise. but a garden full of vegetables and herbs and pleasure? Nothing there but delights.

William Lawson

Well everything is growing a little bigger, we are no longer buying potatoes this year which is good, but to be honest we have always managed to grow this veg best of all. This years crop is really fine with a good strong earthy taste which I love.

The salad greens have been plentiful for the last 6 or 7 weeks and we have planted a good mix this year. I often find that salad greens bought in the average supermarket have very little lifespan and taste generic, this cant be said of the ones we are picking daily thank goodness.

The salad onions started small and came out of the ground completely clean. As you can see they have matured a little and are good enough to rival any I would have bought. I absolutely love salad onions, or scallions as they call them in Ireland. I use them in everything especially my home made Tzatziki with a little garlic, root ginger and chilli.

And so to introduce the next veg to be ready to eat – the courgette. We had them on Friday in a very spicy red pesto sauce and they were crunchy and fresh. What I need now though is the tomatoes to come on and be ready. No sign of that happening yet and the garlic looked like it was going strong but Simon says its a bit disappointing – Ah well I will just have to be patient,

and in the meantime

Just Breathe


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