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Cinnamon Rolls – SOOOO Good

Ok so not all of the recipes I make are good for us. In our defence I will say this, we used to eat alot of fast foods in the UK. Those splendid golden arches where about 1 mile down the road and I loved them. Simon was more of a chicken man especially if rolled in 11 herbs and spices. The move to Ireland has curtailed that mostly. We do go out for the occasional pizza or kebab but its a rare treat.

That’s why I do try to make things that tantalise our taste buds and keep us from craving the processed naughty stuff that is so easy to buy. When Simon had his heart attack it was a shock as there was no genetic history in his family and his cholesterol was very low, around 3, so the Doctors were surprised as to how his arteries could be 95% blocked. Eventually we researched and concluded that stress and his love of the 6 pack of donuts from the local bakery probably (definitely) were the main culprits. We set to work removing as many sweet temptations as possible but I do know that he needs a little treat now and again. I make sponge cakes and the odd trifle but this recipe popped up on a recent feed and I thought, I won’t be able to make them, but guess what I did and they tasted fantastic.

I don’t have a big sweet tooth, I am more of a savoury girl, but I will say that even though these need to be a rare treat, thanks to the sugar content, I will be making them again as we couldn’t stop with the OOH’s and the AAH’s as we devoured them.

What you need for the dough

114g soft butter

115g milk

225g cold plain yoghurt

450g plain flour

100g sugar

8g salt

1g baking soda

5g yeast

What you need for the filling

110g soft roughly chopped butter

150g brown sugar

1g salt

20g cinnamon

Sultanas 2 good handfuls

What you need for the topping

115g cream cheese at room temp

10g vanilla

140g icing sugar

zest of 1 lemon

the finished loveliness

How to make these sticky goodies

Get a small pan, add butter and milk. Let the butter melt but don’t bring to boil. Once melted remove from heat. It will be really hot at this point so be careful. We need to reduce the temperature before it is added to the rest of the mixture. So add plain yoghurt, cold from the fridge to cool this down.

In your mixing bowl (mixer can be a stand or hand mixer) put the plain flour, sugar, baking soda, salt and yeast. Then pour in your butter/milk/yoghurt mix and cream together slowly for 5 mins. Then turn mixer up to medium and beat for a further 5 mins.

The dough should be shiny and hold together well at this point. If you want to hold it up to the light and stretch slightly you should be able to see through it. Put the dough in a bowl, cover and prove for 90 mins in a warm place.

Now to make the filling – cream soft butter, brown sugar, salt and cinnamon into a bowl. Cream together until smooth and airy. this can then be placed to one side but don’t put in fridge as you will need to spread it later.

Now to make the topping – blend together the cream cheese (make sure room temp), vanilla, icing sugar and zest of 1 lemon. This will be runny but not too thin, however if you want it to be softer then add more cream cheese. Once blended then this can go in fridge until you need it.

Grease the tin you will be cooking the rolls in and once the prove is done turn your dough out on to a worktop that has been lightly sprinkled with flour. Your dough should feel light and pillowey. Push dough into a rough rectangle.

Using a floured rolling pin roll out your rectangle until it is around 1 inch thick and around 18 inches top to bottom. It is a long rectangle, make sure the sides are tidy and the dough is approximately the same width all the way down.

Taking a butter knife, spread the cinnamon filling over the rectangle of dough, try to keep it as even as possible otherwise you will get clumps of cinnamon filling in some areas and not in others. This is like buttering a slice of bread.

Then from the bottom roll up the dough like a jam rolypoly until you have reached the top. It will look like a fat, squat roll.

You now need to decide how many portions you want, depending on who will be eating. Try to cut dough into equal sizes using a serrated knife. Dip the knife in cold water before each cut and be brave. Try not to drag the knife, cut downwards sharply.

Place each portion flat side down in you tin and push down a little to spread them out. Cover and place in the fridge for at least 1 hour or if possible overnight. The coldness helps prevent sticky leakage from the centre.

Mine were not that even but it didn’t spoil the taste

Heat the oven to 350 F/180C/ Gas Mark 4. Over your tin place some foil, remember these will expand so try to make a little tent of your foil so it doesn’t stick. Cook for 45 mins.

Remove foil and place tin back into oven for a further 15-20 mins depending on how well done you like them.

Just out of oven
still in pan but covered in topping – hurry up I want to eat you

Drip the topping over the rolls whilst hot from oven and let them cool a little. They are delicious and gooey when eaten warm, but just as good once cold.

Well I hope you enjoy these and if there is an odd one left who could blame you for keeping it for yourself and not sharing.

Embrace the cinnamon, worry about the calories tomorrow and remember to

Just Breathe


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