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DIY and Beat the Pinch


Get out your knitting needles and sticky back plastic and save that Dosh

I must admit to feeling a bit worried for my family who live in the UK and Gibraltar. With the cost of living going up so much I know everyone is going to have to tighten every belt in the house to keep going.

At least I can breathe a sigh of relief that we have no mortgage or utility bills to pay and whilst we may have a few low electric moments during the winter, and Simon will say No hairdryers, tongs or nonessentials can be used, we are lucky our electric is powered by solar and wind.

That doesn’t mean we don’t feel the costs of other items going up and with Christmas looming I have decided this year will be a DIY version. All adults and people over the age of 16 will be getting handmade items, which will I am sure, go down with some polite smiles until we leave at which time, they will either be placed in a deep dark cupboard or regifted rather quickly.

The little ones will of course still be given something they really want so all will be well there.

So then, how to decide what to make. I have stuck with what we seem relatively good at, growing things.

My plan then is homemade planters either from concrete or Jesomite (an ecofriendly resin) and to fill them with cacti and succulents and then for the younger girlies I will use the resin to make spectacular candle holders and home poured candles. Phew that’s me working till Christmas Eve, I will be a little round Elf doing Santa’s work.

You might believe given these ideas that I am “crafty” but you would be wrong really. My hands shake constantly and my thick sausage sized fingers are very clumsy. I don’t hold out much hope on the pressies being too fabulous, but it will be the thought after all.

I have taken a few pictures of my efforts so far and who knows I may get so good that I will be on my way to a self-made million in just months. If not it doesn’t matter as I am having fun and making lots of mess and a day is only as good as the mess you produce so I am winning already.


Signing off now with shaky hands and as always, a reminder to

Just Breathe


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