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For love of Banana Bread

Well the weather turned bad last night as predicted but for those of us busily trying to keep the veg watered the rain was certainly welcome.

Wind however was not so welcome and wow we had some healthy gusts up on our hill I can tell you.

We woke up today to a weather warning of gales lasting all day so after a quick trip up to the polytunnel and the water trough which was finally full again we retreated back to the house to wait the storm out.

Despite the allure of a duvet day we actually enjoyed a bit of baking together – Simon has always been the main chef in the house but to date his Banana Bread has not topped mine.

Today however he has done a great job making my very favourite. We don’t put any fat in this recipe and only a very small amount of sugar as the bananas do the rest. Just eggs, oats bananas, wholemeal flour and a small amount of sugar. We also like to add some cinnamon for that spicy twist. This is so good and it fits the healthy bill in a household that tries to keep fat to a minimum due to heart problems. If you are interested the full recipe can be found on the British Heart Foundation recipe finder page.

So I feel a cuppa and a slice coming on.

In the meantime just breathe


2 thoughts on “For love of Banana Bread

  1. Hi guys,

    Well – WHY haven’t I come across your blog before?! I don’t get it 🤔 Pretty certain all I have searched for on Google for about the past 5yrs has been various combinations of “Ireland” / “Off Grid” / Self Sufficient” and the like…

    I’ve just read almost your full set of blog posts, and just wanted to say “Hi”, and thanks for writing them. I have a cottage and just over 2 acres in Co. Leitrim, and am on (my version of!) the same journey as you. You are in another LEAGUE compared to my current position, but now having read about your experiences, you are on a pedestal (don’t fall 😏).

    I hope everything since Banana Bread has been going OK, and I’m going to try and check back often to make sure I don’t miss anything. Cheers, Stephen

    1. Hi Stephen
      So I have watched your Vlogs – really good.
      Lots to do, that’s true and we have overcome many of the issues I see in your films.

      We can help with ideas on drainage and dealing with reeds. So if interested Simon will always help.
      The house looks in a usable state so better than ours was. You at least have a roof and windows which cant be underestimated.
      Are you going to live full time eventually or is this a retreat for when work and life needs to be on hold for a bit?
      I am so excited for you and I can safely say that some days will be overwhelming it is ok to take pride in doing small things and not worry that the list seems to never end.

      We have had a strange year 2021, as we gave ourselves permission to have a quiet year on the land and food production as Simon was waiting for the green light for his bypass and it seemed pointless to start lots of jobs outside and then see them fail as he was unable to continue. However operation done 3 weeks ago and so next year we should be back full strength.
      We have done some interior work on the house but slowly has been the name of the game.
      I haven’t actually written anything for a while as I felt so preoccupied with work and waiting as you can imagine, however I do feel able to come back to the screen now, so do keep in touch. We had nobody to reach out to and I know that we would have loved to just get a straight answer from anyone as the Irish are not the best at that. People were well meaning but we wasted a lot of time with differing advice that in the end didn’t help at all.
      I know that you are going to have so much work to do but look at that place, its heaven – just like I felt when I found our home – it makes you feel happy just looking out over the view.
      If you need us let us know and perhaps we can chat
      Good Luck
      Steph Coe

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