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Here we grow 2023

Little Carrots starting out on their journey

For those of you who may have read my previous garden laments about how disorganised the hubby is starting the yearly planting, check this out. It appears Simon is on a mission this year. He loves his experiments, last year it was germination of his carrots on wet toilet paper, but this year he read a blog that was talking about a book from the 1940’s in which it suggested using a piece of wet wood to start the growing process off. Seems to have done the trick, we have lots of little carrot babies growing slowly on the wet wood. These have now been gently transferred to the polytunnel for warmth and love. We are resigned to some loss of course as the weather is still up and down but you never know.

We also have the sweet potatoes quietly creating their slips, and whilst it does strike fear into my heart the courgette are in their little pots also. I know some might think it a bit early but hubby is going full on this year. The potatoes are in and look really strong already, tomatoes are peaking through the soil and the onions have got enough growth on that they too have been planted out in the tunnel.

Sweet Potatoes – a new one for us so fingers crossed.

Look at us, its almost as if we know what we are doing. Why the feverish vegetable activity I hear you shout, well it’s not only for our own consumption this year. Simon will be able to sell his veg this year in a local market, all courses and inspections will be completed by end of March and we will be ready to go. Its exciting to say the least and will mean I can spread the courgette load to a wider audience as my neighbours are no longer walking past my house just in case we come running out with more of the green lovelies to give them.

The courgette – waiting to take over the garden again

So that’s the start of 2023 in the Coe garden but lets not get too excited. We have to remember to water and of course to

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