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I need to step up

I haven’t said anything much about this before but this year I think its time.

Nov 2019 after going in for a routine hernia operation Simon had a major heart attack on the operating table. A PEA and apparently only a few people survive those.

Even now after all this time and with Simon almost back to normal I still shiver when I say that. The call came from the Doctor and I just crumbled.

I didn’t expect it, well who would. I waved him goodbye at 8am on the Wednesday morning and by 5pm was racing to ICU whilst he was in emergency surgery. The doctor said I should think about it like this – if black was dead and white was going to be ok Simon was dark grey. I have no idea how I functioned – driving backwards and forwards, feeding dogs, calling ICU constantly until that magical moment when I turned the corner into his cubicle and there he was sat up.

Turns out that my fit and healthy looking husband had 2 blocked arteries both over 85% and we had no idea. That man was digging, planting, building and planning everything that went on. I was working and oh he was also working 40 hours as well.

Looking back I know I was sick with worry – I didn’t know how to run anything – sure I had tried but I hadn’t set up the solar panels and I hadn’t ever switched on the generator as he had always been there. It was a steep learning curve I can tell you.

So one stent later Simon is still at home waiting thanks to Covid for the next stage of his heart fix, which we now know since last week turns out to be a bypass.

This is a blow as although I have learnt lots of new skills I am still not the main fixer on site. I am going to have to step up big time.

So this weekend I have been helping plant the hedging and trying to gather as much knowledge as I can. The generator now holds no mystery but the solar still needs some homework.

So why not follow me over the coming weeks whilst we wait for the bypass to see how one chubby 53 year old woman learns about water wells, solar inverters and other off grid things so the hubby can relax knowing the place will tick along whilst he rests and gets better.

I don’t say this too often out loud but it is scary so I am taking peace from my surroundings to try to keep me calm

I need to take my own advice and

Just Breathe


2 thoughts on “I need to step up

  1. HI there, we are in Ireland, working on a friends land. We have our own motorhome so if an extra couple of pairs of hands would help, let us know.

    1. Hi Helen Apologies for not replying sooner. Firstly how exciting to be free and mobile it sounds fun and exciting – I cant think of a better place to be doing that than in Ireland. If you don’t mind me asking where about in Ireland are you. I want to thank you for your kind offer and say it warms my heart that there are still people in the world who are as kind as you.
      So we are mostly isolating at present due to Simons heart issues and he is due to have his bypass soon, with that in mind we have quite a strict people regime, with me only meeting with one other lady that I work with and Simon rarely strays from the garden. So thanks but at present we are just not doing new people. I have kept him safe for over a year and would hate to spoil it just as we have the operation in our sights. I am sure you understand. We are doing small and necessary tasks at present, those things we cant avoid and this year we will plant minimally also. Boring but true, the most exciting we have been doing this year so far is the wood pile which keeps Simon sane and the stairs to get the settee up to the mezzanine.
      So once again it was so good to hear from you and I hope you are loving your travels and staying safe yourselves. Steph and Simon

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