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Let’s Eat

I cant really boast that I am a great cook. Nor can I explain why I believe I should put my failures and surprises on this page for you to connect with. However I will say that I have learnt to bake bread and pickle and make jam the hard way. I also, thanks to my husbands heart attack (whilst having a hernia operation) had to look at our diet and how to make great tasty food a little healthier.

Here then you will see some of my practice sessions and pictures when I think they turned out ok, along with some interesting recipes that I love.

I am no artisan chef but we don’t go hungry and growing our own veg means I have access to fresh food everyday, for which I feel very lucky.

Don’t expect too much and you won’t be too disappointed but have a look if you fancy.

Lemon chicken soup – fresh and filling

I cook with wine sometimes I even add it to food

W C Field

Have a great day and remember

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