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Lets hear it for Wellies

At this time of year when wearing work shoes in the fields can be a bit hit and miss, I am reminded again how much I love my wellies.

I have legs that only a husband can love- calves that have ballooned in circumference and ankles that are not as slender as they once were. Now you have the picture you might understand why finding really good wellies is difficult.

Standard ones are just not wide enough at the top and those little bootie ones are worse than useless when you have mud a few feet deep. I searched for years, and finally I saw them, my wellie heaven.

I have had them 5 years now and they are as good as new, not a rip or tear in them as they are so well made its unbelievable, but best of all they have a zip all the way up the side meaning they extend and allow my lovely legs to get all the way in before doing them up – totally perfect.

So who makes these wonderful feet coverings I hear you shout – Jack Pyke is the manufacturer and if he was standing in front of me now I would give him a huge kiss. I paid around £75 for them and Simon was not impressed when I got them but as I said its been 5 years and so worth the price I think. You cant underestimate the power of great wellies and so I hope you too have found wellie heaven.

I am not the only one who waxes lyrical about wellies – this is one of my favorite ditties courtesy of this amazing man.

If it wisnae fur yer wellies
Where wud you be?


I love the welly boot song.

Have a wellie wearing day and

Just Breathe


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