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Sometimes in all the faff of the day-to-day upkeep and activities here in Off Grid land I forget to tell my husband just how much I appreciate his knowledge and drive to maintain and improve all of our energy systems.

Whether it is chopping wood, fitting the wood burner or in today’s instance building and fitting 10 new solar panels.

We bought these ones second hand, in total just under 2 KW/ 48 Volts, we paid 375 Euros for them, and they will help to make winter even better than last year in terms of electric availability.

Don’t get me wrong we managed to have all necessary items on last year, with the odd evening when you might be plunged into darkness, but the trusty generator would allow it to be only momentarily dark.

This year we are thinking the generator will see less use which is good for our bank balance and even greater for me as I might even be able to use the hairdryer without worrying that I will bring the house to a standstill.

Simon has built an A frame to get the angle as good as it can be to ensure the low winter sun is hitting them just right. His trusted helper (me, or Noddy Holder as I am affectionately named) was beside him with drill and nails, helpful to the end. I won’t be needed for the next part, the difficult part is not for this girl, wiring and joining up to current system. My job then is to tell him how wonderful it looks and to let any of you guys who read my ramblings know about the latest solar structure.

Solar is still too slow catching on I think, come on guys you don’t need sun all the time just light. Still skeptical? I do firmly believe it is time to check it out. Ireland is slower than the UK, mostly because they like traditional ways of doing things but it has to come to fruition soon, it just makes sense. Mounting on the ground as we do isn’t necessary you probably have a roof on your house that will suffice. So come on think about it, who doesn’t love free stuff. I know it will cost in the beginning but at current electric prices and even with the exorbitant cost of the wood for the structure these panels will pay for themselves before the end of this year.

Check your local Ebay or pages that have local adverts, there is always people selling used ones so the price to start off doesn’t have to be horrendous, then once you know it works you could upgrade.

Finally, then the praise, “Husband you are wonderful, smart and of course handsome. I appreciate all the things you do for us. That should do it I think, off now to make him a nice cuppa and to let him –

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