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Some Tools are fun

So this life is physical, happily more so for the hubby than myself. We divide the work nicely I think. I go off to work full time and Simon takes care of the land Mon to Fri and then we share at the weekends.

So a major health scare was something that nearly derailed everything. Simon went in for a routine hernia operation and his heart stopped under the anaesthetic. Turns out he had major blockages in 2 arteries which we knew nothing about. The Doctors said he was so lucky to be in hospital when it occurred and in fact less than 5 % of patients who suffer what he did actually survive.

I can tell you it was the worst day ever and even now 18 months later I still worry. He has had one stent but is now waiting on a bypass. He has become so much fitter and we eat better but he is supposed to limit physical labour although walking and exercise is a must.

I dont really know how much he does sneakily when I am not there but in a bid to make life a bit easier for him check out the new toy that allows him to still have his daily wood fix. So he used to use his Maul to split the wood but NOW!!!!

This machine is 3000W and we were running it yesterday off our batteries and solar panels. Simon was offically in heaven.

So love its ok to carry on working and

Just Breathe


2 thoughts on “Some Tools are fun

  1. Did the house come with the land?

    Did you have to pay for the Ireland?

    I’m a bit confused as to where you are and if you in ireland or on and Ireland? Lol how did you find it. I want to do the same asap. All help would be greatly appreciated.

    1. Hi
      We live in Ireland
      Specifically in the Republic of Ireland, County Limerick

      We bought 2 acres with an old derelict house that could not be repaired.

      We had to knock the old house and build a new house, in fact our house is better than rebuilding the old house.

      My advice if you want to live in Ireland check out or
      They will have all.sorts of properties to consider.

      Land with old houses are still available at good prices or just land so hope this helps

      Come back if you have more questions

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