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Stuff from Glenduff

This year we were looking at the possibility of selling our excess fruit and veg and then from there our pickles, chutneys and vinegars.

We obviously have some work to complete to pass the inspections to be food safe before we start our production/selling business so in the meantime we decided to look for a different angle.

We decided that we have some many great accessory ideas that we make out of upcycled and recycled materials, that maybe someone out in the big wide world might love them too.

Hence “Stuff from Glenduff”

A little vague in terms of what we will produce to sell but that’s the idea. One day we could be working with resin, the next with reclaimed wood, so why tie ourselves down. We will sell the things we love to make and hopefully the items will go to good homes who will use them to decorate their home.

A little bit rustic and eclectic is how we might describe our style. Keep watching over the coming months as I will post our labour’s on here and link you into our Etsy shop just in case you might like the look of an item.

In the meantime, it’s always good to remember to

Just Breathe