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The unwelcome Christmas Guest who created a storm.

Happy Christmas all

I hope that however you were able to spend the 25th you had some peace and love in your life during this strange time.

We had a second Christmas without family, last year because Simons ill health meant travelling was not allowed and this year because travelling to other countries was not wise due to the virus. However the 2 of us had some alcoholic fun on the day and some special time with our dogs. We sent out some rather dubious Christmas selfies which we now can attribute to a mild alcoholic haze, and the fact that we are rubbish with technology so strange things happened.

However we did have one unwelcome Christmas guest on Boxing Day – Storm Bella

The predicted wind was wild and in fact much stronger than we imagined tucked up in front of the fire, all animals had been warmed up inside but the noise was still enough to create some perked ears and worried eyes and that was just the husband.

The wind turbine did not survive however. We can only imagine how it manfully must have tried to create electric for us in the midst of the storm but eventually the storm won. Windy Coe was defeated and in fact ripped to pieces. Metal arms were found the following morning on the ground, torn from the turbine lying lifeless and useless for Simon to find.

I can honestly say it must have been some wind to have done this, I haven’t seen anyone on the off grid sites reporting blades being torn off in wind before but I guess we don’t live in a hurricane area, maybe that is normal stuff for you guys. Perhaps we missed something and those of you that do suffer with destructive winds can let us know what we can do to prevent this next time. Oh yes, Windy will prevail with a bit of solder and some sticky back plastic.

Anyway these things are sent to try us but wont dampen the spirit in this crazy house, as Wes Campton said.

Craziness is what makes the world round, without crazy, there wouldn’t be passion

I wish you all a Happier New Year and hope that 2021 finds you well and safe

in the meantime

Just Breathe


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