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This Magical Isle

A Rustle in the wind reminds us a Fairy is near

Author Unknown
Eerie and foggy -mystical creatures must be running free

As the mornings become lighter and the damp air is saturated, the most mystical fog appears and on some days when it is really dense you can almost feel the texture as a magical force.

Driving to work on those mornings, as the sun is starting to clear the horizon, looking across the valley I am sure one day I will see magical fairy castles rising out of the gossamer layers. The sheer colour of the day is different some how, a kind of a hazy taupe colour that coats the land and hovers in certain glens. It must surely be the work of fairies or mythical beings that rise from the lochs and dells to tantalise us.

We have all at one point or another heard and maybe believed in the fairies with their toadstool homes and magic circles and I suppose from the Irish perspective most people would mention the endless search for the leprechauns pot of gold. Sadly I have not been able to find one of these amazing creatures but it doesn’t stop me from imagining them in the darker corners of my garden or feeling thrilled when the rainbow looks so close that you could actually find the end and of course the treasure. A girl can dream after all.

Top corner of my fields – surely they live here safely hidden

soft moss a downy pillow makes and green leaves spread a tent. Where faerie folk may rest and sleep until their night is spent.

Elizabeth T Dillingham

The Irish do have a very healthy regard for the fairies that they believe live amongst them. Certain places are considered magical beyond belief and have had the power to prevent roads being ploughed through them and are still to this day revered in communities. Many dare not displease the little people for fear of sour milk and alike.

Fairy doors base at the base of trees , if only I was small enough

Isn’t that just wonderful – it speaks of gentle people who hold dear ideas and beliefs of a different time that are so often lost these days.

That is the true magic of this wonderful place, its gentleness, its ability to lie softly in the world and slowly take its time to live each day.

This country calms the soul, it’s breath taking beauty can be seen in the green rolling fields and soaring cliffs. I feel it everyday during my drive or on those lucky days when work doesn’t call and I can walk to the top of my fields and take a huge breath.

Ireland will steal your heart and capture your soul and if that’s not fairy magic I don’t know what is. If you haven’t been yet there is still time so pack your raincoat and your shorts, in fact clothes for every conceivable type of weather and come on and join the craic.

We will still be here and whilst we are waiting we will

Just Breathe


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