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We are not alone!

When we first came here we brought 1 cockerel and 5 chickens and of course our dogs of which we had 3 at the time.

Transporting the chickens was of course not meant to be done but we weren’t leaving anyone behind and so the initial plan was to put them in an extra large dog cage and put them in the toilet area of the caravan, out of the prying eyes of any customs people at the ferry terminal (I know naughty but hey they were family). Anyway didn’t quite happen like that as the cage was too big for the caravan door, so as I hurried off to find an alternative Simon decided they should just continue to be free range as normal and let them out into the caravan.

Words cant describe the mess 6 birds can make in 18 hours but believe me if ever you are faced with this dilemma just remember bird poo gets everywhere, they have no manners.

Once settled we added another 10 chickens and 15 ducks all of whom have now gone to pastures new. The ducks flew away – rude I say and the chickens well they didn’t stand a chance, despite the Colditz style coop they were “murdered” by the Mink and left strew about the coop for their Daddy to discover. That was a bad day I can tell you.

Since then we haven’t had the nerve to repopulate but this year I finally think we will try again, if we can ever agree on where to site the coop for maximum visibility and safety. Simon is also pining for a pig or two so that is in the pipeline also. I don’t know whether we will become too attached to the little piggies and so we will end up with more pets than food sources so to speak but we shall see I guess.

In the meantime here are the most important family members – the rulers of our world and the reason why we love this life so much.

If I could be half the person my dog is, I’d be twice the human I am.

Charles Yu

Happy Sunday and remember

Just Breathe


2 thoughts on “We are not alone!

  1. Hi
    I really admire your heart – we are aiming for an off grid life. We’ve sold the house downsized, had a property fall through and conveyancing is taking an age on another in the U.K.

    Ireland is calling; would you have any advice, or time at all for a conversation please? We would massively appreciate help if you could kindly find the time?

    Many thanks
    Lucy Hart

    1. Lucy

      apologies in taking so long to reply – if you are still interested in advice let me know and we can help


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