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When the Wind blows

Well Windy the turbine is back and looking fine again.

The husband has replaced the 3 blades that were torn and bent with some spares that apparently he had lying around.

Of course what that means is he was planning to build a whole wind farm and so spare parts had obviously been arriving for a number of months unbeknownst to me. Anyway I cant now moan too much given that the spare blades are now looking fine and twisting in the wind.

These are much thinner blades than the previous ones so should be able to withstand larger gusts. The flatter wider blades the unit came with were for low wind levels – ha get me sounding like I know some stuff which of course I don’t.

I don’t always give the husband his due but for this I can say I am impressed. Turbine is attached to pole and pole attached to shed with brackets so bringing it down was much easier than I imagined. New blades added and pole reconnected and all’s well in wind turbine land.

Who knew – well I imagine some of you out there did and of course now so do I.

Just goes to show I chill and as I always say:-

Just Breathe


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